1000 Years of Australia

1000 Years of Australia

Broadcaster: Channel 5

1 x 120 episodes

Distributor: Passion Distribution

1000 Years of Australia is a documentary that, with expert interviewees and incredible archive footage, will depict Australia’s defining historic moments. In this 2 hour film we will chart the incredible history of this remarkable country. From its aboriginal origins and the first European landing in 1606, to the conflict and disease brought by the arrival of the British in 1788. Through to the 19th century gold rush that kickstarted the country’s economy and the birth of democracy in 1840 led to the creation of a Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, and with it a new Nationalist movement.

British colonialism left permanent scars on the Aboriginal community and there remains deep division with the indigenous population. 1000 Years of Australia will explore this meteoric rise to where the country finds itself today. Rapid urban expansion, extensive mining of natural resources, and the tourism boom have created huge wealth but may also have contributed to the colossal climate change challenges the country now faces. Australia is also one of the most beautiful and dramatic settings in the world, with an ecosystem like no other, from deserts, to tropical forests, and high mountain ranges. During the film we will look at not only the captivating side of the environment but also the extreme. Temperatures soar to 50 degrees centigrade and Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest animals.

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