Animal Rescue School 6×60

In this brand-new six-part series, we follow the latest group of RSPCA Trainee Inspectors over an extraordinary year of rigorous teaching, testing and assessment. Only the very best students will make through one of the toughest, most challenging and demanding ‘job interviews’ there is.

They must survive a series of make-or-break physical tests, a wave of grueling exams covering every aspect of animal welfare law, and impress their tutors as they work real-life cases, rushing to rescue animals in trouble and helping stamp out cruelty and neglect. Any that fail to reach the high standards demanded by bosses could find themselves off the course.

For those lucky candidates, the year will end with graduation and a permanent role with the charity, but to make it that far they must push themselves to the limit, and with no second chances, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Who will realise their dreams of becoming an RSPCA Inspector?

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