Fare Dodgers: Best Of

Extreme Fare Dodgers

Broadcaster: Channel 5

2 x 60 episodes

Distributor: Passion Distribution

London’s public transport system is one of the largest and busiest in the world. Every single day 11 million people use a bus or train to travel through the city, but not all of them are paying their way. An estimated 125,000 people try to get away without paying every day, swindling the system out of more than £100 million a year. That’s money that could be spent on a better service for passengers like you and me. With special access to Transport for London’s Revenue Protection teams, Extreme Fare Dodgers goes behind the scenes looking into the day-to-day battle between enforcement officers and fare evading fraudsters on London’s underground and bus networks.

In these two special episodes, we select the stories from the original series that featured the most prolific fraudsters, the most fare flouters, and the most devious dodgers. We present the very best of the worst fare evaders in Britain. We follow undercover inspectors on the tube to track down some of the 70 thousand daily fare dodgers and join bus enforcement officers fighting a backlash from the public while they work tirelessly to track down some of the 65 thousand people who try to scam a free ride on London’s buses ever day.  

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