Hercules the Human Bear 1×60

In 1976, Andy and Maggie Robin bought a grizzly bear cub from a zoo in Aviemore. Little did they know at the time, Hercules, the tiny bear cub, would become the world’s most famous bear and make them a fortune in the process. Featuring interviews with the couple, together with extraordinary home-movie footage, this is the story of what it was like to live under the same roof as one of the most dangerous land mammals. 

With access to an incredible archive, we’ll see the highs and lows of living with a feared predator. Could they share their lives with a deadly animal or would the beast resort to its wild ways? By turns hilarious and heart-rending, the film takes the viewer on a roller coaster journey through key periods of Hercules’ life.

Click here to see a snippet from this one off documentary! 

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