The Kitten Rescuers 1×60

1 in 5 British households has a pet cat, with 8 and a half million of them across the nation. Sadly, not all of them are treated as well as they should be. These natural explorers often find themselves in tricky and life-threatening situations, and in urgent need of help. In this one-hour special, we follow the RSPCA inspectors, vets and volunteers who work tirelessly to save the nation’s cats and kittens from harm. From car accidents to cancer and abandonments to abuse, these felines face a whole heap of problems. Jo Brand, our animal-loving presenter, will be on hand to talk to vets at surgeries operating on injured kittens, witness heart-warming re-homes of cats in desperate need of love, and even be with the inspectors themselves as they investigate leads.

Any time, any place, if a kitten’s in need of help, we’ll be there. This is the Kitten Rescuers.

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